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  Lessons For All Swimming                  Abilities

We offer a multitude of swimming lessons for all ages and abilities. All our instructors are Swim England or STA qualified with loads of experience in the aquatic world who will facilitate your child’s or your swimming journey.

Our lessons run from Monday to Saturday, for 46 weeks of the year. The prices start from as little as £25/month. 

All enquiries for swimming lessons can be sent to: info@elswickpool.co.uk


Parent and Child Lessons

Playful and interactive instructor-led sessions designed to introduce the little ones to the to the aquatic environment as well as increasing water confidence and introducing key skills. The lessons are available on a Monday and Friday for £28/month. 

Lessons from 4 years

After School Swimming Lessons

Entertaining, high-standard lessons delivered for all ages and abilities by highly-qualified and experienced instructors. Our swim schools follows the Swim England Learn to Swim framework, stage 1 to 8, thus, ensuring that your child has a fun and enjoyable journey while  achieving all the necessary aquatic skills as well as the four recognised strokes at a high standard. The lessons are available Monday-Saturday for £25/month.


Your child’s journey does not have to stop as soon as they achieve stage 8. They can carry on their journey and perfection their stroke, turn and stamina during our SwimFit classes. They will also have a change to earn their stage 9 and 10 badges as well. The session lasts 1 hour and it costs £30/ month. 

adult Lessons 

Swimming is a lifesaving skill that every individual should have regardless of their age. Therefore, we offer high-standard, teacher-led adult swimming lessons for all abilities. We also provide Ladies Only lessons on a Monday morning. The lessons last 30 minutes, once a week where you will have the change to learn a multitude of aquatic skills and strokes for as little as £25/month. It is never too late to learn a new skill, particularly one that might save you life.



Whether you are a beginner or advanced, 4 or 80+ years old swimmer we can take your swimming skills  to the next level with our 1-1 swimming lessons. All our teachers are Swim England or STA qualified with several years of experience in the industry who have the ability and knowledge to tailor the sessions in order to meet your needs and expectations. The sessions last 30 minutes and cost £18/session. 

1to1 Children

 We run 1-1 lessons for children starting from 4 years old for all abilities. This is a great opportunity for you child to start their aquatic journey or polish the existing skills at a faster pace as the teacher’s attention will be fully focused on your child. This sessions are also great for children that might find it difficult to adjust to the aquatic environment or who just need that extra “touch”. 

1to1 Adults 

Swimming is one of the best sports that helps with the overall health and well-being. Whether you are a complete beginner or would like to work on the existing skills here is the right place to start. Our times are flexible and our experienced teachers will tailor the sessions to your needs 


1to1 SEN 

Everyone deserves the same opportunities regardless of age, ability or needs. Therefore, our SEN qualified teachers provide high standard 1-1 sessions that are cater to work around each individual’s needs. The sessions are fun game-based ones that will allow your child to gain the key aquatic skills. 


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“My 7 y/o son has started coming for swimming lessons on the weekend. They instructors are great and he’s having so much fun. So glad this pool has opened up again”

Shazad Rayaz

“I cannot thank elswick swimming teachers enough for everything they do for my tricky two! 1 – 1 swimming lessons with neurodiverse kids, you guys are fabulous!”

Laura Harrison

“Great service and cleanliness. Tutors are very professional and polite. Great place for kids swimming lessons.”

Vishal Soni

“The teachers have been great and still are with my two children. So pleased we choose this pool. Everyone is so friendly 🙌

Susan Burns


Elswick Community Leisure Centre